What can I do for you ?

Produce a responsive homepage

I can code advanced user interfaces with specific interactions using a wide range of technologies and for all kind of devices: smartphones, tablets, desktops computers, television, or even digital signage for large screens. That's what I'm good at.

Make your website fully editable

Setup softwares of your choice so you can modify the contents directly by yourself. I'm specialized with Wordpress and Movable Type products which power almost a third of the worldwide websites, but also have knowledges with alternatives like Drupal.

Maintain your website

Even with the cloud maintenance is required just like a car. Let me check your website to ensure you're working in a safe and appropriate environment. I care about security and often perform wordpress upgrades or SSL certificates related works.

And most of all, helping you !

Solving common performance, accessibility or search engine related issues are also my daily job. I love helping small and medium businesses and try to provide my skills and time at affordable rates. Feel free to contact me even for tiny tasks.

About grenouille220.com

Behind the label Grenouille 220 is actually me, a single person called Pierre-Henri Lavigne, french web professional relocated in Japan who has been working with digital pixels since 2005.
I enjoy in my spare time listening music as well as discovering new spots around Gosen city by walking, running or bicycling, always bringing a camera with me. I weekly study the japanese language & culture and biweekly teach the french language.